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Monty Oum tribute: Haloid/Dead Fantasy

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Monty Oum tribute: Haloid/Dead Fantasy

Post by alexoblivion on Sun Mar 21, 2010 6:20 pm

Monty Oum first appeared randomly and epically, combining the Xbox mascot Halo, and Nintendo's Metroid, creating the youtube phenomenon - Haloid. Nearly a half-year (or more) he created Dead Fantasy, which as the name implies, Dead or Alive mixed in with Final Fantasy. Once again, it stirred many fans into cries of joy. Now, five episodes into the Dead Fantasy saga and six on the way, many wonder, when will Dead Fantasy end? Will their be a Haloid 2, and what happens next?
Without further ado, I give you Monty Oum's greatest creations.
Be sure and enjoy.


Dead Fantasy - Episode 1

Dead Fantasy - Episode 2 (This one is quite long, might want to let it load.)

Dead Fantasy - Episode 3

Dead Fantasy - Episode 4

Dead Fantasy - Episode 5

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